• #4-1. Problems behind the popularity of dermal filler injections


    In Korea, there is a stronger trend toward a baby face than an attractive face. We all desire to appear youthful but cannot avoid the signs of aging that inevitably develop with the passage of time. As we age, the forehead becomes thin and wrinkled, cheeks lose volume, and eyes become sunken, mouth corners droop, and marionette lines deepen. Aging also brings wrinkles around the eyes, widen pores, and darken the skin tone, etc. It is difficult to fight off or manage these unwanted changes with only skin care routines. Dermal filler injections can offer a quick and easy solution to these problems making it a popular treatment choice. Fillers can transform a hollowed and wrinkled face into a more volumized and youthful appearance.


    Benefits of dermal filler injection


     Filler procedures are simple aesthetic options that bring results comparable to surgery without using any incision. Combining fillers with botulinum toxin injection and autologous fat graft can enhance the desired effects further.

    The key benefit of dermal fillers is that it has excellent rejuvenating effects without resorting to surgery. Surgery causes scar or downtime, etc. and results are often drastic and noticeable. Many patients are turned away from surgery due to the fear of incision and anesthesia. On the other hand, filler injections are quick, leave no scars and bring a more natural outcome. Improvements are clear enough to satisfy patients but subtle enough to keep the visit to the plastic surgeon a secret.


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    Enhancing central volume of the face with filler injections in the nose and lips can improve the image of the entire face. The type of fillers can be selected according to the physical characteristics, personal conditions, and demands of each patient. There is a wide range of filler products available to satisfy various demands and purposes. Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, in particular, have excellent safety as it can easily be dissolved using hyaluronidase in case of side effects.


    Various filler types


    Filler products with longer lasting effects have recently been introduced. High-density HA filler is less susceptible to molecular change from external pressure and prevents infiltration of degrading enzymes leading to longer duration of the desired form. Highly elastic filler material injected into the skin spreads less easily to the surrounding tissues and is less susceptible to distortion from tissue movement. These newly enhanced fillers have superior lifting effects.


    Image 1. Filler volume change measured in hairless mouse.


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