• #8-2. Anti-Aging Treatments


    Characteristics and application of stem cells

    Characteristics of stem cells are as follows.

    1. Self-Renewal: ability to create new stem cells with the same form and functions.

    2. Differentiation: Specialization of stem cell structure and function according to the body’s needs. The ability to change from undifferentiated stem cells into another type of cells needed in certain tissues.

    3. Homing effect: The ability of stem cells to migrate to the damaged area after intravenous injection.



    Functions of stem cells

    1) Differentiation: Differentiation into damaged cells to regenerate normal cells.

    2) Wound healing: Regeneration of damaged cells.

    3) Signaling secretion: Promotion of growth factors, collagen and hormones to strengthen tissues.

    4) Immunomodulation: Strengthen immunity through normalizing the function of immune-related organs.

    5) Inhibition of apoptosis: Inhibition of cell destruction.

    6) Blood production through angiogenesis: Regenerate damaged blood vessels to normalize circulation.


    Image 2. Diagram of stem cells.


    Cell Therapy

    Cell therapy refers to pharmaceutical products prepared by physical, chemical and biological processing methods including culture, proliferation or isolation of live autologous, allogeneic, and xenogeneic cells. Cell therapies use cultured cells of human or other species and enables fundamental treatment of diseases through substitution or regeneration of damaged cells.


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