• #8-3. Anti-Aging Treatments


    Table 1. Cell therapy types.


    Facial contouring and therapy using ultrasound

    The recently introduced HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) uses the following principles; fractional irradiation of the HIFU energy enables the energy to reach the depth of SMAS (4.5mm). It forms thermocoagulation point and promotes collagenesis and elastin generation to bring lifting and continued skin regeneration. Raising the thermocoagulation point to over 65℃ brings immediate skin contraction and tightening. The mechanical generation of the ultrasound energy follows this process; when the voltage from the resonance circuit is applied to HIFU, contraction creates ultrasound and the high-power focused ultrasound induces molecular vibration of the target tissue. This creates frictional heat between the tissue molecules, leading to formation of micro thermocoagulation points.


    Radiofrequency treatment for scar removal (bipolar radiofrequency and unipolar radiofrequency)

    There are various methods of scar removal and some of the most popular methods include fractional CO₂ laser, Er:YAG laser, bipolar radiofrequency and unipolar radiofrequency.

    Bipolar radiofrequency uses needle electrodes to deliver fractional radiofrequency energy. Microneedles directly deliver radiofrequency energy deep into the dermis. This fractional RF needle system is effective in fine wrinkle removal, lifting as well as removal of acne, scar and striae distensae. It promotes generation of collagen and elastin which play an important role in activating skin growth factors and skin elasticity and wrinkle prevention. It also creates pathways for efficacious cosmetic substances to permeate into the skin. RF was added to the previous subcision function to enable more effective acne scar removal. It is also useful as a painless treatment of small vascular malformations such as telangiectasia. Indications have widened thanks to the option of various tips. For example, it can be applied to various scars such as acne scar, striae distensae, and traumatic scar, etc.  


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    Unipolar radiofrequency inserts needles into the skin to generate heat, leading to increased collagen through internal and interstitial RF generation. This increases the elasticity and fills up indented areas or pitted scars and wrinkles. If differs from the bipolar RF in that it can correct indented scars that may arise from a thread insertion through subcision. Combination of the two methods can enhance the outcome.



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