• #2-6. Basic Knowledge of Hair Loss


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    In the case of the treatment of frontal alopecia, it is effective to undergo hair loss cytokine therapy(hair loss treatment that uses the growth factor) in the hospital, apply Minoxidil, a hair growth stimulant, twice a day and apply Ell-Cranell, a hair loss inhibitor, every day.


    Taking Finasteride or Dutasteride drugs with DHT blocking effect is essential for treatment of frontal androgenetic alopecia.


    For the treatment of frontal alopecia, Dutasteride drugs seem to be more effective than Finasteride.



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    After 5-6 weeks, the hairs become thicker and fine hairs begin to grow.


    After 3 months, noticeable improvement is observed. After about 6 months, satisfactorily significant improvement is made.


    The non-surgical alopecia treatment alone can improve the frontal alopecia significantly, and there are many patients who experience more effective results compared to those of hair transplantation.


    This patient suffered huge stress due to continuous hair loss and thinning.


    However, the condition improved to a very satisfactory level after 6 months of treatment. The happy smile on the face of the patient on the final day of the treatment is still vivid in my mind.


    The next issue will focus on the types and causes of hair loss.



    Figure 1. Minoxidil. 



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