• #3-8. What Are the Causes of Hair Loss?




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    MTS is a roller-type instrument with 192 microneedles that can be used as a drug delivery channel through tens of thousands of holes created per minute, and can have the effect of skin regeneration through mechanisms of wound healing and repair.


    For female-pattern baldness, normally, two to three percent minoxidil solution is used and it can be switched to 5% if the effect is minimal.


    If Stieva-A solution is applied together, it increases the absorption rate of the minoxidil solution, yielding better effects.



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    A six-month cytokine therapy showed good results, and now her daughter and granddaughter have joined her in receiving the hair loss treatment together.


    If one of the family shows good results of the hair loss treatment, it gives trust to other family members, inviting them to join the treatment.


    The population of older people will continue to increase, and so will the number of older patients with hair loss. Now is the time to pay attention to hair loss treatment for elderly people.


    Next issue will cover in detail male-pattern baldness which accounts for a large proportion of outpatients.



    Figure 1. Minoxidil. 



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