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    Patients with alopecia areata need to get enough sleep, and since it can be accompanied by severe stress due to appearance defects, it is important to have a lifestyle that reduces stress and stabilizes the immune system.


    Along with the medical approach, psychosocial support from medical staff is needed.



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    A male patient in his 20s visited the our clinic due to multiple alopecia areata (8-10) in parietal, temporal, and occipital regions.


    He had reticular alopecia areata with poor prognosis among alopecia areata.


    The patient visited once a week and was treated with triamcinolone injection, steroid liquid application, and Minoxidil liquid application.


    Over time, the number of alopecia areata increased over the entire scalp and the size of each one also increased.


    As alopecia totalis was suspected, he was referred to a university hospital.


    The patient visited our clinic again three months after being referred to a university hospital, wearing a wig.


    He was embarrassed and resentful to my words to prepare a wig as there was a possibility of alopecia totalis, but he became to more trust the author as my prediction came true.


    As there was no more hair to fall out, he started treatment again comfortably with topical triamcinolone injection, steroid liquid, and Minoxidil liquid application.



    Figure 6. Skin anatomy. 




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