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    Anagen Effluvium (Trichotillomania)


    Anagen effluvium is the result of a sudden halt of hair growth due to rapid and severe disorders of hair follicles in the anagen phase, leading to discontinuation of mitosis at the hair roots and a proximal fracture.


    The anagen hair becomes thinner and brittle, and more than 80-90% of the hair falls off rapidly.


    Since hair follicles in the telogen phase that are not undergoing cell division are not affected, follicles in the telogen phase, which occupy 10% of the scalp, remain as they are.


    Anagen effluvium is often caused by adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


    Drugs are the most common cause of anagen effluvium, so stopping the medication can help the patient recover quickly.


    The cause of anagen effluvium is often clear, so if it is not a long time since the start of hair loss, very satisfactory outcomes can be obtained with a complex hair loss treatment that combines growth factors, PRP, etc.



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    Hair Loss Due to Systemic Diseases


    It is caused by an increase of telogen hair due to a decrease in metabolism such as thyroid disease, diabetes, anemia, etc.


    It is characterized by decreasing hair density, getting thinner overall, and the entire hair very easily falling out.


    When thyroid function is reduced, metabolism generally decreases.


    Cell division of hair mother cells is inhibited in the dermal layer of the scalp, and the catagen phase of hair follicles is naturally extended.


    As a result, the telogen hair cannot be converted to the anagen phase and is delayed, resulting in diffuse alopecia on the temporal ear line above the ear, and axillary hair and pubic hair are also reduced.


    The hair is getting thinner and dry, so it breaks easily, and the hair on the outer one third of the eyebrows is reduced, and short hair occurs.




    Anagen Effluvium. 



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