• #6-4. Various Types of Hair Loss



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    When thyroid function is increased, sebum amount increases due to sebaceous gland stimulation, leading to seborrheic alopecia.


    When taking antithyroid drugs, the function of the thyroid gland decreases, causing temporary hypothyroidism and hair loss.


    It is important to first treat thyroid disease, diabetes, and anemia, which are the causes of hair loss.



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    Hair Loss due to Nutritional Deficiencies


    The effect of nutrition on human hair has become mostly known through studies on patients with nutritional deficiencies.


    Nutritional deficiencies can be divided into a protein-energy deficiency (kwashiorkor) caused by general nutritional imbalances and a micronutrient deficiency in which deficiencies of only a few nutrients are observed.


    Kwashiorkor patients lose subcutaneous fat and become choppy, similar to a monkey’s face, and hair may become thin and broken, and telogen effluvium may occur.


    In kwashiorkor, the symptoms are more pronounced, and the color of the hair becomes pale (hypochromotrichia), and a flag sign in which the hair repeats the normal and pale colors can be observed.



    Macronutrients and Micronutrients. 




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