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    Micronutrient deficiencies can also cause hair loss, and zinc, essential fatty acids, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B7 (biotin), vitamin C, vitamin D, and iron have been reported.


    The deficiencies of these nutrients may be associated with various diseases, including intestinal malabsorption, but are particularly observed in the elderly.


    However, most nutrients can be sufficiently supplemented with a healthy and balanced diet, so it is unnecessary to add functional foods including nutrients for hair loss treatment.


    However, in the case of unhealthy body, i.e. suffering from indigestion, chronic disease, congenital heart disease, and malignant tumor, receiving Central Parenteral Nutrition (CPN), or the elderly, intake of nutrients may be helpful not only to prevent and treat hair loss but also to maintain a healthy state.




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    Trichotillomania is a hair loss that occurs as a result of breaking or pulling hair or eyelashes as a habit or neurotic symptom that begins with obsessive-compulsive disorder including stress.


    Mainly invading the frontal and parietal regions, hairs of different lengths and newly emerging short anagen hairs are visible within the lesion.


    It is common in girls under the age of 10, and occurs frequently in middle and high school students.


    In most cases, patients have an obsessive-compulsive personality.


    In children, the prognosis is mostly good, and specialized psychiatric treatment is rarely required.


    In adults, the prognosis is poor and psychogenic stress is the main cause, so psychiatric counseling and treatment are given priority, and it is important to find and resolve the cause through psychological counseling.


    Since it occurs a lot in women, psychological stability and supportive reinforcement therapy of the surrounding people is recommended.






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