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    She said she did not expect a big effect and came to the hospital with the feeling of catching at straws.


    In my experience, hair loss after chemotherapy is more effective than male hair loss and female hair loss, and outcomes are good.



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    With a complex hair loss treatment in combination of hair loss cytokine therapy using growth factors and PRP, scalp management, nutritional therapy, minoxidil solution, and home care therapy, the hair recovered a lot in 12 weeks, and returned to almost normal hair after 5 months.


    I can’t forget how happy the patient was, saying that it is a miracle.


    This case makes me feel very rewarding as a hair loss treatment doctor.


    In the next issue, I would like to specifically describe medications for hair loss treatment that have been proven effective.





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    Figure 2. A breast cancer patient in her 30s developed alopecia after chemotherapy (anagen effluvium). Before treatment (left), 12 weeks after treatment (right). 




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