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    Minoxidil Solution


    Minoxidil Solution has been used as a vasodilator developed in the US to primarily treat severe hypertension.


    After patients who were taking it as a vasodilator against hypertension were found to experience hair growth, minoxidil gained FDA approval once again for the treatment of hair loss in 1988 after the completion of multiple clinical trials with minoxidil for external use.



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    In most cases, content of minoxidil differs by gender at 2% and 3% in females and 5% in males.


    Minoxidil-containing products include Moxidil Solution, Rogaine Solution, Boldumin Solution, Capillus Solution, Nanoxidil Solution, Caremore Solution, and Ridnoxyl Solution.


    Minoxidil is known to increase blood flow through the skin by acting on peripheral blood vessels, activate follicular cells, and prolong a hair growth cycle.


    For alopecia areata, minoxidil has the advantages of preventing hair loss by reducing the levels of T lymphocytes, a main cause, and then normalizing immune functions and of promoting hair growth by facilitating the division of follicular cells and then acting directly on the proliferation of epithelial cells.


    In usual cases, minoxidil takes effect 2 to 3 months after use.


    An early stage of minoxidil treatment involves much loss of telogen hairs as a shading phenomenon.


    As this phenomenon appears as new hair starts to grow, it is important to apply it continuously, without any interruption.



    Figure 5. A patient in his 30s with male pattern alopecia. Before treatment (left), one year after treatment of Avodart+5% Minoxidil Solution (right). 



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