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    Hair Loss Treatment


    Complexes such as L-cystine, medicinal yeast, keratin (yeast products) 


    After it was discovered that the workers in the Carlsberg beer factory in Germany had rich, shiny hair because they regularly ate beer yeast in the 1960s, medicinal yeast was released as a medicine called Pantogar by a German company MERZ in 1978.


    Beer yeast, an essential ingredient for brewing beer, has a protein structure similar to that of human hair.



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    Medicinal yeast is a purified yeast used to brew beer.


    Pantogar has six ingredients of L-cystine (20mg), keratin (20mg), thiamine nitrate (60mg), calcium pantothenate (60mg), and para-aminobenzoic acid (20mg), as well we medicinal yeast, which are indeally mixed to supply nutrients essential for hair growth.


    This is why the product, currently used in over 40 countries around the world, is effective on patients with diffuse alopecia, hair loss of damaged hair or on the entire scalp.


    Medicinal yeast maintains hair nutrition, facilitating flows within the tissue and increasing absorption of vitamins and minerals.


    Keratin and L-cystine as major components of the hair have antioxidant effects and help hair growth when taken orally.


    Thiamine increases the proliferative capacity of hair-forming cells, while pantothenate supports energy metabolism for hair cell proliferation to stimulate growth and regeneration of the tissue cells.



    Figure 1. Medicinal yeast products popular in Korea




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