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    Copper Peptide


    Copper is an important coenzyme of the numerous enzymes within the human body.


    As for the skin, copper supports the activities of various cell hormones involved in cell regeneration, promoting formation of extracellular matrix and displaying remarkable antioxidation.



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    Data have shown that copper controls TGF-β1, inhibiting both type 1 and 2 reductases to reduce DHT to prevent hair loss.


    In addition, copper protects hair follicle cells and strengthens the blood vessel formation and functions of the scalp, resulting in supplying nutrients to the hair follicles to prevent hair loss.


    Tricomin (see Figure 5, TricominTM) is a copper complex, a drug that can be used locally.


    It can be used safely because it has fewer side effects than the existing drugs. Tricomin stimulates the hair pores to make the telogen pores healthier, shortening the telogen period and promoting hair regrowth.




    Figure 4. Clinical Results of Pantogar.




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