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    Case of Hair Loss Treatment


    A patient in her 20s visited our clinic with her father.


    Due to the extreme stress caused by excessive diet and studying for an exam, she had lost 150 to 200 hairs every day.


    Her hair was so thin that her part and crown of the head displayed the bare scalp.



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    She was diagnosed with telogen effluvium caused by excessive diet and extreme stress.


    Patients with telogen effluvium begin to loss their hairs two to four months after extreme stress, showing excessive shedding.


    In case of telogen effluvium, the proportion of telogen hairs, which is usually about 10%, increases to 25% and over.


    More than 100 to even 400 hairs fall out per day, and the loss proceeds in the form of diffuse alopecia, in which the hairs fall out evenly throughout the scalp rather than intensively in a part of the head.


    After a five-month treatment with hair-loss cytokine therapy to correct the hair follicle cycle, administration of Pantogar (three times), and application of minoxidil, the patient showed significant improvement.


    Her expressionless face, full of anxiety, became bright with a sunny smile.


    In the next issue I will elaborate growth factors and platelet rich plasma (PRP), emerging items in treating hair loss. 



    Figure 5. Biotin and Tricomin shampoo.




    Figure 6. Before and after of hair loss treatment for a patient in her 20s (Pantogar + 3% minoxidil + growth factor for five months).  




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