• #2-5. Creating an Attractive Face with Minimally Invasive Procedures





    Figure 7. Oval shape face.


    For this individualized treatment plan, we should consider the following factors; how drastic of a change the patient wants, what the patient fears most about the treatment(such as pain, bleeding, swelling, bruising, etc.), the amount of botulinum toxin, dermal filler or thread, etc. that the patient can afford, suitable filler type and dose, and other procedures that the patient can benefit from.


    Step 3 is the actual treatment. The aim of the treatment should be to achieve an overall harmony of the face in accordance with the above mentioned standards and proportions of beauty. Even if the treatment does not provide the full benefit because the patient did not want certain components of it, the doctor should communicate this clearly to the patient before the treatment to maintain the trust with the patient.


    Step 4 consists of follow-up and planning. Patients are generally advised to make a follow-up visit two weeks after treatment to evaluate the outcome and perform a touch-up, if needed. Consultation will be provided on the need for additional or combination procedures for improving the overall balance. A long-term plan is devised considering the patient’s expectations. Lastly, the patient is encouraged to bring their friends or family members to the clinic, continue routine visits, receive additional procedures, or purchase products available at the clinic during the final consultation.


    Various treatments are combined with dermal filler injections to increase the volume and create a balanced facial contours. A key aspect of creating the desired facial outline is to reduce the overly developed tissues. The so-called ‘Oval Face Injection’ uses a cocktail solution containing botulinum toxin to inject in the cheek, lower jaw muscle, skin, and soft tissues to decrease the volume of the overly developed masseter muscles and tighten the cheek skin. This injection also helps contract soft tissues including fat tissues to create a narrowed outline of the face. It also maximizes the desired volume enhancement of dermal fillers.


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    When patients lose a lot of weight through rigorous short-term dieting, the facial skin may appear dull and less elastic. The Oval Face Injection can create a slimmed down face without having to go through dieting. The bone structure, amount of soft tissues, skin conditions, etc. may differ depending on the individual, however, this treatment has a low risk of side effects and patients can receive it conveniently. <Figure 8> shows a case where the desired facial outline was achieved with the treatment.


    Figure 8. Before and after treatment with Oval Face Injection


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