• #6-2. Jawline Correction Techniques



    Before treatment, explain to the patient that the muscles of the lips may feel weakened. It is important to avoid affecting the depressor labii inferior oris muscle as it can cause mild difficulties in speech.  


    When combined with chin volume enhancement using filler, botulinum toxin effectively evens out the lumpy surface and helps maintain the outcome.


    Let us now take a look at the volume enhancing techniques using dermal filler. The chin area has relatively thick superficial fat and a small amount of filler is sufficient for effective correction. Entry points should be set on both sides of the midline and a cannula or needle is used. Inject into the subcutaneous fat, submuscular fat, and between muscle and periosteum.


    Figure 3. Depot technique.


    Insert the needle until the tip touches on the bone, slightly withdraw to inject into the space between the mentlis muscle and the mandible. It is important to use both hands in this procedure. Use the free hand to guide the filler and prevent spreading into the platysma muscle.


    Use a hard filler with strong volume enhancement. Combine botulinum toxin to even out the surface. Subdermal injection of a soft filler can also help. A gentle massage after injection can be used for further smoothing.


    Recently, infrasound can be used for massaging after carrying out the depot technique (Figure 3). However, caution is needed during massaging not to use excessive force which can lower the volume and require additional injections.


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