• #3-5. DNA Fragments (PDRN, PN)



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    Like PDRN, PN is extracted from salmon, an animal whose DNA base sequence is similar to that of human, considerably stable to heat and safe as a substance present in the human body.


    PN, as long polymeric molecules, combines with a large amount of water to form a three-dimensional gel, serving as  a physical support within the skin.



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    The support creates an environment in which the extracellular matrix (ECM, see Table 4) is improved, making the aged and damaged skin young and healthy. 


    In the next issues, in addition to identifying products made of PDRN and PN, I will review papers related to wound regeneration or skin diseases such as burns and diabetic ulcers, as well as those on whitening, freckles, and cosmetic medical aspects in terms of PDRN.



    Table 2. PDRN vs. PN.  


    Table 3. REJURAN, PN.





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