• #4-2. Types of PDRN/PN and Cosmetic Procedures



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    Products containing PDRN/PN


    The current products on the Korean market containing PDRN/PN as main ingredients can be divided into two categories–injectable (medicines and medical devices) and non-injectable (cosmetics) products.


    Or, they can be divided into products using PDRN/PN as the single medicine or ones in which PDRN/PN are mixed with other skin booster ingredients.



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    All these products induce these : 


    ① anti-inflammatory action 


    ② FGF/VEGF stimulation


    ③ laminin/fibronectin production


    ④ DNA synthesis


    through the dual action of the PDRN’s basic action with A2A receptors and the two-track action through the salvage pathway, improving a variety of clinical indications in terms of cosmetics and anti-aging by using the main effects of tissue regeneration and wound healing.



    Table 2. Clinical products containing PDRN



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