• #5-1. Tattoo Ink II: Infinitink, Innovative Tattoo Ink



    The history of tattoo ink is as long as that of tattoo itself. The history of tattoo is closely associated with development of various types of tattoo ink. In the early days, natural plant extracts or minerals were used as main ingredients of tattoo ink. Nowadays, large manufacturers that are driving the tattoo industry produce and distribute ink products developed from various chemical processes. We rely solely on the manufacturer for information about these processes and the quality or quantity of products are still insufficient for customers. The government can do more to regulate and improve the safety of tattoo ink as it has permanent effect on the skin.


    Need for a new type of tattoo ink


    There has always been a need for an entirely different type of tattoo ink. As tattoos remain in the human body permanently, it would be natural to be concerned with the safety of the ink. As more people are getting tattoos, we are seeing a greater number of safety-related problems. And it is about time these problems are dealt with. This article may serve to increase awareness.


    People have blindly trusted the safety of tattoo ink not based on science but on custom. The ink was in use for a very long time without serious problems and it was customary to believe that it would not cause problems in the future. However, there is little evidence that conventional tattoo ink has been entirely safe. As the number of people getting tattoos is rapidly increasing, more problems are surfacing. Tattoo ink and tattoo procedures which are being provided through various routes are free from or resistant to regulation. Just as children are drawn to junk food because of their sweetness and bright colors without thinking about the risk of eating unhealthy chemicals, some choose tattoo ink only based on the bright colors. It is time we paid attention to the safety of tattoo ink.


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    The new tattoo ink is not just innovative in terms of safety. In their study published on Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology in 2006, Laumann et al. reported that over 50% of people receiving tattoos regretted it and wanted removal. About half of these people spend their money and time to remove the tattoo. This causes pain and social inconvenience and calls for a new type of ink.


    Cultural attitudes are also changing. Two or three decades ago, people may have liked the idea of tattoos being permanent. This generation romanticized everlasting love and everlasting friendship. However, as the social trends change, the word “permanent” or “everlasting” have become trite and old-fashioned. People are becoming more used to the transience of life, including short-lived relationships and short-lived fads, etc. Many are now seeing tattoos as a memento of the moment rather than a permanent reminder. People are changing their idea about tattoos. They no longer like being reminded of something they have changed their mind about. This is transforming the very concept of tattoo. The paradigm is shifting toward tattoos that can be easily changed as needed.


    To address such trends, Freedom-2 released an innovative tattoo ink called “Infinitink.”


    Figure 1. Infinitink and nano-sized, polymer shells.


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