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    Product Overview

    Finally we are getting some beautiful weather which means the wedding season is upon us. Many young couples who are preparing for their big day and will be surprised at how much work has to go into it. Brides-to-be, in particular, would be pressured to look their best, which means their skin has to look flawless.


    During this busy time, it is not uncommon for the future brides to experience breakouts on the face or the back which may crimp their style on their wedding day. If they wait until the very last days to receive treatments, they may end up choosing aggressive methods that may even cause unwanted side effects.


    Smooth Liner of GTG Wellness is a medical device indicated for treating acne and other skin troubles, Smooth Liner is equipped with specially insulated micro electrodes that do not damage the epidermis. This means the treatment has a very low risk of complications, while allowing for selective destruction of sebaceous glands. It is an innovative new method that can safely and effectively treat recurring acne. Anyone suffering from acne can safely receive this treatment, however, it is particularly beneficial for people with extensive acne lesions on the face, back or chest and those with frequently recurring acne. 


    Treatment procedure and precautions

    Inflamed acne lesions need to go through extraction and 20-30 minutes of topical anesthesia prior to Smooth Liner treatment. Depending on the patient’s skin condition, topical anesthesia can be extended for additional 10-15 minutes. Excess sebum in the follicle should be extracted because it could disperse the radiofrequency energy and interferes with destruction of sebaceous glands. Once electrodes are inserted into the skin, they should not be taken out until the treatment is completed, as the non-insulated part of the needle could come in contact with the epidermis and cause burns.


    Figure 1. Smooth liner electrode insertion during treatment 


    In severely inflamed acne, treating the inflamed follicle as well as the surrounding tissues increases patient satisfaction. Move the electrodes around the follicle one shot at a time. Comedo acne should be first extracted and topically anesthetized before treatment. Again, once the electrodes are subcutaneously placed, they should not be withdrawn until the treatment is completed. If there is bleeding, perform hemostasis and continue the treatment. After treatment, clean the treated area with saline solution. 


    Possible side effects

    Serious complications are very unlikely. Common side effects include slight swelling, erythema, and inflammatory response (caused by puss and sebum escaping the follicles). Therefore, additional sebum extraction and peeling using AHA (Alpha-hydroxy Acids), or BHA (Beta-hydroxy Acids) should be performed after treatment to improve acne symptoms. To prevent pigmentation and protect the skin in the treated area, the patient should be meticulous about using a sunblock when they are outdoors. The recommended frequency of selective sebaceous gland removal is 2-3 monthly treatments.


    Why we recommend Smooth Liner

    Acne prone skin often has poor balance between water and oil contents of the skin and takes longer to return to the normal state. To help this recovery, it is very important for the patient to consume sufficient amount of water for optimal results of the treatment. Aggressive exfoliation or peeling procedures should be avoided before treatment. Female patients should consider their menstruation cycle for timing the treatment as hormonal changes could also cause breakouts. I hope Smooth Liner can provide each patient a customized treatment and optimal results.


    Article/Sang-tae Ahn (Reyoung Clinic)

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