• [CELLENE]What merits of CELLENE?

    The Convenient TIP Exchange

    The HP is attached directly to ARM and the user replaces conveniently just TIPs without separating the HP.
    This simple & easy connectivity helps to lower the optional HP and TIP cost and increases the control easier.




    Extra Storage Space

    There are storages to contain the various accessories.



    Free-Voltage with Low Consumption Rate in 1.5kVA (7A)

    The low Power consumption. (max 1.5kVA) It consumes very low electricity and makes the plug-in easy in clinical environment.


    What to select?

    Laser Power Selection

    The optional choice of laser power ranges from 10, 30, 40, 60W. The factory default is 30W.

    TIP compatibility on each laser power choice.



    CO2 Scanner

    - Fractional Mode 

    Full face skin rejuvenation, Scars, Large pores, Wrinkles, Full Face skin resurfacing

    - Surgical Mode

    Freckle, Spot, Birthmark, Dark patches, Phimosis, Allergy rhinitis, Snoring, Hemorrhoids, Condyloma, Wart, Callus

    Scan RF 

    Wrinkles, Flabbiness

    Microneedle RF 

    Acne scars, Wrinkles, Texture

    Gynecological Rejuvenator

    Vaginal Rejuvenation, Stress Urinary Incontinence improvement, Whitening of Labias, Vaginal dryness improvement, Vaginal atrophy improvement, Vaginitis improvement, Sexual satisfaction improvement


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