• [Exhibition Review] BISON MEDICAL, “Asian buyers gave our company continuous concerns”

    BISON MEDICAL one of the Korean medical device manufacturer, which had established a creditable reputation by Copper Bromide(578, 511nm Dual Wavelength Laser) commented that they realized reliability improvement of Korean products as well as BISON`s products.



    Juny Kim as a team manager of BISON MEDICAL said that “Asian buyers gave our company continuous concerns” and he added “Especially European·the Americans buyers showed special concerns about LUCID QY(Q-switched Nd:YAG) which was introduced as the second half of 2013 new product".


    Also Juny Kim said “We had great opportunities of both establishing good connections with existing buyers and prospecting for new buyers through COSMOPROF 2013. We are planning to participate in this exhibition continuously and we will discover more clients".



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