• [SMOOTH LINER] SHR Therapy for Wrinkle, Acne Scar and Tightening


    SHR Therapy performs incision and subcision of lesion with heart-shaped cannula and delivers radiofrequency energy through uninsulated end of the cannula (3-5mm). Because it produces collagen denaturation range (CDR) or collagen denaturation wall (CDW), it is appropriate for wrinkle, acne scar (rolling scar type) and skin tightening.

    SHR Therapy can be combined with filler, absorbable thread, PRP or autologous fat, which can be maintained longer by CDW that works as a scaffold. It can also be combined partially with cutting the fibrous septa of cellulite.

    Nerve damage is not much of a concern in SHR Therapy, because it dissects upper and lower parts close to the boundary of dermis and subcutaneous and applies radiofrequency energy on the same level. Care should be taken, however, for forehead where the dermis and subcutaneous layer are not thick.


    SMOOTH LINER(Subcision RF System) – Manufacturer: DANIL SMC(www.danilsmc.com)


    Heart-shaped cannula can cut fibrotic band or fibrous septa easier than blunt cannula, but is limited by inability to protect capillaries than the blunt one.

    30G needle type is used for neck wrinkles. Since the skin is relatively thin and not firm, filler or other supplements should be avoided and repeated procedure with saline is recommended. Care should be taken, especially, to prevent PIH. The risk of PIH increases as the level of procedure is higher, as radiofrequency energy is applied excessively to a narrow site, and as the target area is larger. Sufficient post-procedural cooling, moisturizing and application of sunscreen should be practiced to prevent PIH.


    Postoperative adhesion before the procedure and 15 days after a single SHR Therapy. A small amount of filler was injected with a feeling of filling the empty space.


    Wrinkles on the forehead before the procedure and 30 days after a single SHR Therapy.


    SMOOTH LINER has two familiar but heterogeneous factors, which are RF and cannula. Incision or subcision with cannula or needle (Norko needle, in particular) is commonly used, as is RF device. Smooth Liner combines the two in one device, enhancing procedural completeness, convenience and patient satisfaction.

    Being a combination of two techniques (or three techniques, considering the combination with supplements, such as filler), it also provides operators with the ability of performing subjective and creative attempts. Procedural protocol has yet to be established, but the creativity of procedure means a lot to operators. More communication among operators in a broad scope is needed to further standardize the procedure.

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