• [Ulstam] Popular HIFU device for fat reduction


    Ulstam is a High Intensity Focused Ultrasound(HIFU) device for the ablation of unwanted subcutaneous adipose tissue as a non-invasive method of body sculpting, with performing a variety of highly precise, non-invasive surgical procedures. Ulstam has two kinds of cartridge, 7mm and 13mm depth. There are especially four transducers in each cartridge, that is to say Stamping method. Each depth of cartridges allows easy access for treatment of variable candidates who have a different fat thickness. 13mm cartridge is aimed at destroying fat layer of candidates who have 25mm fat thickness minimum, while 7mm cartridge, at 15-25mm fat thickness.

    Ulstam is not used for face treatment because of the depths. It takes 900-1,800 shots(3,600-7,200 dots with 4 transducers) to treat abdomen area. The total energy is of about 42,000-85,000J per session. The patients normally receive treatment bimonthly with three session total. Neither of these procedures is done with anesthesia. It is important that you communicate with a patient during the procedure. Patient’s pain threshold is another important factor in the decision of the endpoint.

    Ulstam treatment does not need epidermis cooling during procedure, while the attenuation of energy density with depth makes high power Laser and RF treatment depend on the level of epidermis cooling. In case of more than 25mm fat thickness, you had better use both cartridges, 7mm and 13mm in the same session. In case of 15- 25mm fat thickness, you had better use only 7mm cartridge. If your patient has less than 15mm fat thickness, you have to keep concentrated even if you use 7mm cartridge.

    Thanks to 7mm cartridge, you can expand area of application such as flanks, thigh and forearms etc. For the quick performance, you can combine Ulstam treatment with RF treatment in the same session, but you have to pay special attention to total energy. Ulstam treatment is contraindicated for patients with cancer, systemic disease, infectious skin disease, or who are pregnant or suspected to be pregnant.

    Paying attention to several caution points such as ribs, iliac crest, pubis, solar plexus and navel, you can safely handle Ulstam with high performance. Ulstam is a fresh device for body sculpting with a new energy source in obesity clinic, plastic surgery and dermatology.


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