• [Aileen] Safe for Removal of Dense and Deep Hair As Beard and Hairline


    Long Pulsed Nd:YAg laser has been commonly used for hair removal since early 2000s but was less popular than Long Pulsed Alexandrite laser or Diode laser. Dermatologists in Korea had to use expensive lasers made in foreign countries due to lack of lasers made in Korea with comparable performance, but more and more lasers with superior performance are produced recently in Korea. I also had a chance to use new Aileen laser and experience its superior effect. Nd:YAG laser is a little awkward to be used for hair removal due to the difficulty of getting proper parameters and because it is absorbed by both blood vessel and moisture. With proper parameters, however, it can penetrate deeper than any other lasers for hair removal, providing far superior therapeutic effect. Patients who visited after several courses of treatment with other devices actually express higher satisfaction on the hair removal outcome immediately and 6 months after the procedure.


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    Aileen is effective for both thin and thick hair at the initially released parameters for hair removal (10㎜ beam size, 10msec pulse duration and 75-80 fluency). The diameter can be adjusted to 7㎜ or 15㎜; the former is more effective but painful and takes more time for the procedure, while the latter is safe for removal of dense and deep hair such as beard and hairline.



    The cooling system uses a coolant spray for sufficient cooling effect. Patients can feel more comfortable if ice cube is used intermittently during the procedure for additional cooling effect. Aileen takes longer time for hair removal on the arms and legs but produces constant energy throughout the procedure, without generating heat over time. With sufficient and constant energy output, Aileen is particularly effective for flushing and pore treatment within a short procedure time by Genesis mode.


    Long Pulsed Nd:YAG laser is a truly versatile device, being applicable to various other lesions from telangiectasis to hemangioma, facial flushing, pore and rejuvenation. Dual toning with Aileen is also highly satisfactory among patients and is effective for redness from acne.


    It is quite burdensome to buy high priced lasers for hair removal in the hair removal market in Korea. Considering the versatility of Long Pulsed Nd:YAG laser compared to Diode laser, it would be a better choice to purchase relatively cheaper and effective Nd:YAG laser rather than a laser for hair removal only. From my experience of using various Long Pulsed Nd:YAG lasers, Aileen is highly recommendable for its superior performance and high energy output.

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