• [Heliocare 360]an Innovative Sunscreen Favored by Dermatologists Around the World II


    Protection against visual light

    The Bio-Booster Shield uses fractional biomimetic melanin to block visual light (3). Within the visual light range, the blue/violet (400nm-500nm) light is the closest to UVA and causes comparable skin damages to that of UVA (4). The blue/violet light can cause accelerated photo-aging, pigmentation, and photosensitive solar urticaria. Heliocare 360 is equipped with fractional biomimetic melanin technology and contains plant tyrosine and amino acid that absorbs visual light 400-500nm. Fractional biomimetic melanin has double the absorption compared to regular melanin and works safely on the epidermis while not being absorbed into the blood stream. (Fig4)


    Figure 4. HEV absorption curve of melanin vs. fractional biomimetic melanin


    Protection against infrared light

    OTZ 10 (Oxothiazolidine) (5) promotes cell metabolism and collagenesis. It is an important antioxidant that deters damage by reactive oxygen species and protects the epidermis, dermis and dermal-epidermal junction. The safety of OTZ-10 was shown in various studies. It was found to not cause skin irritation, sensitivity, phototoxicity or photo-allergy. (Fig5)


    Figure 5. Analysis data from culture of MMP-1 expressed cellulose after infrared light exposure. OTZ directly inhibits MMP-1 expression and shows potent antioxidant and detoxifying actions.


    Heliocare 360 was shown to be safe not only in dermatological use but also in ophthalmology. Heliocare 360 is available in two types; 360 Fluid Cream and 360 Mineral Fluid. 360 Fluid Cream has excellent hydration effect and is recommended for dry and aging skin. 360 Mineral Fluid minimizes the common white cast effect of mineral sunscreens and allows appearance of a natural skin tone. It is scentless and does not have oily or sticky texture. Its lightweight application and high absorption make it ideal for anyone including children and men. Heliocare 360 offers innovative protection against daily exposure to infrared light, visual light, and UV rays and helps soothe photo-sensitive skin after laser or peel procedures.



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