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    When it came to protecting the skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, the SPF, or the Sun Protection Factor, was regarded as the key determinant of efficacy of topical sunscreens. In 2012, FDA determined that products with SPF 50 were without sufficient safety data and mandated that SPF is expressed as 50+, “broad-spectrum≥ 370nm” to signify screening of 90% of UV wavelength rather than protecting against only UVB or UVA.


    UV rays cause cell damage and induce melasma, freckles and skin aging. A recent photobiological study examined the harmful effects of visual light and UV rays. In 1984, Kollias and Bager described long-term pigmentation (lasting up to 10 weeks). (1) A recent study found that visual light leads to increased inflammatory cytokines, expression of MMP-1, MMP-9 and contributes to 55% of ROS which causes erythema, photo-aging, pigmentation and indirect DNA damage. (Fig1)


    Figure 1. 


    Figure 2.


    Along with visual light, the infrared light (IR 760 nm – 1 mm), especially IR-A, is absorbed 17% in the epidermis and 65% in the dermis. It generates heat to induce angiogenesis and inflammation, increases metalloproteinase expression to degrade dermal protein structure and accelerates skin aging. (2) (Fig2,3) 


    Figure 3. IR-A’s effects on the dermis. Degrades protein structure and accelerates skin aging. Image. Expression of MMP-1 in the epidermis and dermis after IR-A and light exposure.


    Our skin is constantly exposed to UV rays during outdoor activity and also to infrared light and visual light. Therefore, a better sunscreen would protect the skin from not just UV rays but visual and infrared light as well. Heliocare 360 was developed based on the proven success of Heliocare SPF 90 by adding protection against visual and infrared light. Heliocare 360 uses the innovative “Bio-Booster Shield” technology and effectively shields the skin from visual light and infrared A. 


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