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    These days, patients visit the doctor after self-diagnosing their skin conditions and deciding on the treatment. This would not be a big problem if they are correctly informed. However, some make up their mind on wrong information and it is becoming more time-consuming and difficult to guide them toward the right direction. Therefore, it is important to narrow the gap between what the patient wants and what the doctor thinks is the best treatment. It goes without saying that the patient and the doctor should be on the same page before initiating the treatment.


    For a skin type with various coexisting problems, FCR can be used prior to laser therapy to remove keratin and improve efficacy of laser. FCR is a gentle peeling agent consisting of Mask Powder, DeAC activa, and Regentron activa. The Mask Powder contains 200um mineral fractional prickles that act on the upper dermis to remove impurities. Therapeutic substances of DeAC regentron active such as mandelic acid and citric acid are delivered through open channels between prickle to effectively sanitize, prevent inflammation and melt away sebum.  


    Fractional prickles stimulate skin cells for 36-48 hours to promote blood circulation and activate the odland bodies and lamella bodies in the stratum spinosum that release substances for skin shedding. This helps to thicken the dermis that has been weakened due to the relative thickness of the stratum corneum. FCR helps identify areas of excess sebum secretion and acne lesions in patients with acne. Doctors can more easily categorize lesions, identify skin thickness, and skin response in patients with pigment problems using FCR.


    FCR promotes keratin turnover which helps identify skin problems before treatment. This helps doctors in the consultation phase as he/she can make patients understand the treatment better. With more visual evidence, patients can be persuaded to agree with doctor’s recommendations.


    Figure 1. FCR, Regentron Activa. 


    The FCR program in acne


    The intensity of the treatment can be adjusted using different ratios of regentron active and DeAC active for treatment in acne. This allows customization for individual patients, which is a great benefit. Each patient has different skin thickness and sensitivity as well as tolerance of downtime. Moreover, patients with pigmented lesions FCR can enhance the whitening effects of laser and improves laser’s efficacy when used as a pre-treatment.  


    Figure 2. FCR, Regentron Mask.




    Erythema can occur for 2-3 days after treatment and exfoliation gradually takes place over 3-4 days after treatment. During this period, the patient needs to protect the skin from UV exposure to prevent pigmentation or skin damage. It is also advisable to sufficiently moisturize the skin to help regeneration. In about a week of treatment, the skin will be smooth and the skin tone will become more even. FCR is contraindicated for patients with hypersensitivity such as atopic dermatitis or telangiectasia, etc.


    FCR can be combined with various laser therapies and acne treatments to increase patient satisfaction.


    Figure 3. Before and after FCR treatment.


    Article/Seung-hwan Yoon(Banhan Clinic)


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