• [HELIOS Ⅱ] Mycosis treatment with the HELIOS II laser system – FUNGUS NAILS / ONYCHOMICOSIS

    Mycosis treatment with the HELIOS II laser system resulted in very effective, both, for mycosis lesions on hands and feet.

    In most cases, treatment is performed with the modality of 1064 with the zoom hand piece with a 4 mm spot size and a fluence of approximately 700 mJ. The laser beam was all the time in motion to produce a homogeneous heating of the nail bed.

    The point at which the treatment was stopped in all cases, was when the patient referred pain.

    If one performs a treatment with a spot size of less diameter and do not perform any movement at all, the patient will feel uncomfortably much quicker than in the previous case without getting the necessary damage needed for the fungus destruction.

    I have utilized the long pulse (150 microseconds) of the HELIOS II only on those nails with hyper keratosis and in most cases I associate it with the short pulse treatment.

    I have noticed that, in patients who suffer pain due to the use of shoes , the improvement is notorious immediately after the first treatment.

    Heating and denaturalization of the nail bed affected by the fungus manifested clinically as you can observe in this picture as a white dust that started to separate from the affected zone




    Before / After  5 session


    I can say that the treatment with the HELIOS II laser (performed as indicated before acts and damages the fungus from the first session. But while in the nails of the hands we can see a total cure in some few months ( 4 , 5 months) to get a total cure in the nails of the foot, it takes longer time given that the nail growing takes much longer than on the nails of the hands.

    The therapeutic protocol performed at the Hoogstra Medical Center is a weekly treatment during the first month and then one treatment per month until a full healthy nail regrow. We treat all foot nails because we are afraid that after the treatment is finished on the treated nail a fungus might appear in an already healthy nail.



    This result was obtained after the 3rd treatment


    There are patients showing a hyperpigmentation of the nails that can be due to traumatic factor or due to medical drugs. I discover that with the HELIOS treatment we get immediately an improvement of the quality and color of the nail as we can see on the following picture.


    Before / After inmediato 1 session


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    -To be continued-


     by Dr Ricardo Hoogstra (www.drhoogstra.com.ar

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