• [Helios III] An essential pigment laser with various modes, handpieces and improved safety II

    Lee Hongsun(Mind Dermatology)


    The significance of 532 Fractional

    The 532nm wavelength was used in epidermal pigments. At this wavelength, however, the energy spreads to the surrounding tissues 16 times stronger than the 1064nm. This resulted in unintended overlapped irradiation which led to frequent PIH and other undesired side effects. This is why many laser users avoided the 532nm wavelength. On the other hand, Helios III’s 532nm Fractional Handpiece irradiate in the spot size of only 200um, as shown in <Image 1>, side effects are minimized by heat diffusion to surrounding tissues.


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    Utilizing the 532 Fractional

    The 532nm wavelength is effective in epidermal pigments, however, so far could not be applied extensively due to the high risk of PIH. However, the 532nm Fractional Handpiece of Helios III maximizes the benefits and minimizes the risks of the 532nm wavelength which has 100 times higher absorbance in melanin compared to the 1064nm wavelength. It also has a fluence 5 times higher than the bulk beam mode. Therefore, it delivers energy to deeper layers than traditional bulk 532nm handpieces do. With the peak power thousands of times higher than IPL, Helios III can effectively remove pigmented lesions previously unresponsive to IPL and 1064nm laser toning.


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