• [Helios III] An essential pigment laser with various modes, handpieces and improved safety I


    Lee Hongsun(Mind Dermatology)


    Pigment treatments make a major part of any dermatology practice. Male and female patients of various ages desire clearer complexion and healthy skin.

    The best results are obtained through a combination of at least 2-3 devices which can be costly for both the doctor and patient. Depending on the treatment, extensive post-treatment care may be needed.

    Helios III is one of a few lasers that offer excellent efficacy at low cost. It is the successor to Helios II, a laser developed with LASEROPTEK’s patented technology and boasting lasting popularity in the market.

    Helios III has five modes(1064·532·1064nm, RTP·532RTP·FR) and four handpieces(Zoom HP· Collimator HP·1064nm Fractional HP·532nm Fractional HP) which allow quick and effective removal of pigmented lesions of various depths. The fractional handpiece that can be used in the 532nm wavelength offers a new technique for pigmented lesions that is superior to that of the traditional Q-switched Nd:YAG laser.


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    The fractional handpiece was developed with DOE (diffractive optical element), LASEROPTEK’s  patented new technology. With this new technology, the surrounding tissues absorb the energy of the irradiated tissues to prevent rapid temperature rise in the skin. The micro beams minimize the keratinocyte stimulation to drastically lower the risk of PIH or hyperpigmentation which were quite frequent with previous bulk beam method.

    Helios III has the added benefit of stimulating collagen remodeling to bring skin tightening effect on top of pigment removal. These benefits enhance patient satisfaction with the treatment.


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