• [LOTUSII] Scar removal and rejuvenation effects bring high patient satisfaction

    Acne is a type of chronic inflammation affecting the follicles and sebaceous glands attached to them. This inflammatory skin condition is very common, occurring in 85% of the Korean population at least once in their lifetime. Acne mainly affects the facial area with numerous sebaceous glands as well as the neck, chest, back and shoulders, etc. Comedones that often lead to acne can progress into inflammatory papules or pustules. Severe acne may present nodules or cysts.

    Acne most frequently develops during puberty due to active hormonal stimulation. In the past, acne was considered a type of rite of passage for adolescents.

    However, as one’s appearance is associated with success in career as well as social relationships, many patients with acne suffer aesthetic and psychological troubles. I see many young adults who worry about residual acne scars as they are starting out their first jobs, etc.


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    I would like to discuss the advantages of LOTUSII, the 2940nm Er:YAG Laser developed by LASEROPTEK. LOTUSII is a domestically developed Er:YAG Laser that has long been in use with excellent safety. It obtained FDA approval in 2009. It can be used for improving various scars, pores, elasticity, and wrinkles due to its Laser resurfacing and Fractional Mode Beam functions. Such combined functions bring more satisfactory outcomes.

    LOTUSII is a fractional long & short pulsed Er:YAG Laser(2940nm) and offers the choice between zoom handpiece and fractional handpiece. The fractional handpiece allows fractional distribution of 81 spots with consistent fluence(J/㎠) within the 8×8mm beam which can reach up to 600㎛ into the skin.

    The Short Pulse Mode ablates the epidermis and is effective in severe acne scars, large pores, and various other scars with excellent micro soft peeling or resurfacing effects.

    Many acne patients visiting my practice present combined scar types including ice pick scars from sebum extraction, box scars or roll scars from large inflamed acne lesions. In these patients, I use the short pulse mode for micro abrasion and the long pulse mode for inducing micro columnal thermal injury in the dermis.

    The very small spot size of less than 200㎛ selectively damages the target and stimulates dermal colllagen and elastin to accelerate the healing process. This reduces the appearance of scars. Moreover, it also improves skin elasticity, wrinkles and pores bringing overall rejuvenation effect.

    Ablating the protruding acne scars and filling the indented scars with collagen and elastin using LOTUSII offer a new, effective scar treatment.


    by Lee Hongseon,M.D. (Mind Dermatology, Korea)


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