• [Product Review] Overview of SENBITEC`s products : ARES & Apollon

    What it ARES?



    Laser-Free skin treatment system.

    Ares uses high frequency electricity for cure. By using Ares, you can remove skin defect such as spider vein, skin tags, milia, stretch marks in a safe, easy, fast and the most effective way.



    Rosacea, Frown Lines, Sun / Age Spots, Spider Veins, Acne, Skin Tags, Milia, Stretch Marks, Removes unwanted hair


    How it works

    ARES adopts high frequency electricity which is react to the skin hydration for treat skin problems. RF at ARES produces heat on the edge of probe.

    This probe is 2mm in diameter. Once you insert it over and underneath the skin surface, heat from probe will dehydrate the skin tissue on the target area. Then, dried skin tissue is going to be eliminated within a few days. Finally, it gives you flawless skin.

    Also, it helps in clotting of RF tissue for making wall in blood vessels. Then it makes blood stream blocked eventually can treat facial telangiectasis.


    What it Apollon?



    Apollon is a dual laser instrument which has two different types of handpiece. Apollon's 2 different handpieces will allow you to selectively treat patients with different skin conditions.


    1. CO₂ Fractional Laser + Thermal RF

    CO₂ Fractional Lawer affects the epidermis and brings out the best result for acne scar and wrinkle treatment, skin rejuvenation more. But this alone is not the optimal way to promote collagen remodeling for the dermis. Apollon allows you to use a Bipolar RF system and a CO₂ Fractional Laser at the same time.

    These two different systems create a synergistic effect, both resurfacing the epidermis and remodeling the collagen of the dermis.


    2. Fractional Pin

    The Micro RF Needle is minimally invasive to the epidermis and it delivers RF energy safely deep into the demis without causing too much damage to the dermis.

    Delivered RF energy promotes collagen proliferation and helps skin elasticity and skin rejuvenation. The Micro RF needle has no side effects and will not cause hyperpigmentation. It is safe and effective to use.


    3. Special Curved Pin

    Special Curved Pin is specialized to treat stretch marks and Acne.

    When the treatment is performed with a standard straight pin, it insets directly into the target area or diagonally, avoiding the target area. There are two problems with using a straight pin : First, this may cause skin irritation and damage; second, this also leads the point of the pin far from the target area. Apollon's special curved pin is designed to insert to avoid the target area so that it minimizes skin damage and maximizes the treatment effect by inserting to the target area as closely as possible.


    Apollon's Air Cooling System

    Apollon has its own built-in Air Cooling System, so there is no need to purchase a separate cooling system. Apollon's Air Cooling System immediately lowers the skin's temperature and reduces pain during a procedure. This cooling system enables you to minimize skin damage and achieve the best result. A cooling nozzle, which can be attached to the side of the handpiece, makes it convenient to use.


    Apollon's advantage

    -Synergistic effect of CO₂ Fractional Laser and Thermal RF

    -2 functions in one platform

    -Excellent results with combination treatment

    -Minimize skin damage with the special curved needle

    -Less pain with the air cooling system

    -Safe & Efficient treatment


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