• [AVVIO] Maximizing micro peeling effects by adjusting irradiation depth according to skin conditions

    Acne spots and scars are a source of great distress to those who desire clearer skin. Acne is one of the most common skin disorders affecting both men and women of various ages. However, appropriate diagnosis and treatment can provide relief from this recurring skin condition.

    AVVIO, a dermatologic laser developed by WONTECH, is one of my favorites when it comes to acne treatment. It effectively tackles a wide variety of skin imperfections including scars, acne of the back and chest, melasma and other pigmented lesions, fine lines of the eye area, glabella, forehead, and mouth, large pores, and aging-related skin sagging, etc.

    The AVVIO laser that I frequently use in my practice is an Er:YAG Laser with fractional mode 2940nm. It induces resurfacing through micro peeling to reduce acne and indented scars as well as improve large pores and fine lines. Therefore, the final outcome is clearer and smoother skin. Short, middle and long pulse durations can be adjusted according to the skin conditions and type of lesion. Additionally, adjustable irradiation depth is AVVIO’s key advantage that brings optimal micro peeling effect.


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    Stable power output and convenient handling


    The device has an arm rest to increase the comfort during long hours of use. Beside easy handling and energy adjustment, AVVIO also has stable output. The guide beam and target coincide exactly, allowing better precision during treatment. For these reasons, patient satisfaction is also very high. Its excellent skin regeneration effect promotes the natural healing process, resulting in a smoother skin texture. It is especially effective in skin surface lesions such as lentiginous nevus, age spots, imperfections, café-au-lait spots, and seborrheic keratosis, etc.

    AVVIO is safe without the common side effects of peeling procedures. The shallow irradiation depth induces mild thermal damage and effectively prevents future break-out of acne by removing excessive keratin and sebum. AVVIO can be applied to a wide range of conditions with excellent efficacy.

    AVVIO is highly cost-efficient offering stable performance and satisfactory outcomes at an affordable price. I recommend AVVIO to fellow specialists seeking an effective new laser device.


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    by Park Nojae Park, M.D.

    Director of Fine Dermatology, Korea


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