• [Product Review]LAVIEEN, Premium whitening with simultaneous pigment removal and skin rejuvenation


    The name Lavieen was coined from the French phrase ‘la vie en rose’ which means life in pink, or a state of bliss. Flawless skin is a highly sought-after dream for women. However, there are often many obstacles to achieving per­fect skin If you are looking to tackle such various problems with a single Laser, look to Lavieen Laser. Its excellent efficacy in clearing the skin has earned it the nick­name ‘BB Laser’. The nickname came from the Laser’s effect in creating a perfected complexion, similar to that after applying the blemish balm cream. This nickname is useful as it describes the Laser’s unique efficacy in one phrase. Patients remember the nickname and return to the clinic to receive the treatment.


    Pigment Removal and Skin Rejuvenation Using the 1927nm Thulium Laser


    The parameters of the Laser cannot just focus on one target if you want to treat var­ious blemishes, pigmented lesions, pores and wrinkles for an overall improved skin tone. The thulium Laser offers a new solution to the disadvantages of dye Lasers. Lavieen is a 1927nm thulium doped fiber Laser with the water absorption higher than the range of Er:glass Laser and lower than that of a CO2 Laser. The ablative threshold of thulium Laser falls between the ranges of Er:glass and CO2 Lasers, allowing quicker and more effective removal of pigmented lesions as well as providing simultaneous rejuvenating effect.


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    In terms of histologic actions, a thulium Laser coagulates the epidermis and upper dermis while preserving the stratum corneum. Lavieen is unique in that the user can choose between the non-ablative and ablative modes. The doctor can choose to ablate or coagulate the epi­dermis depending on the type of lesion.




    Lavieen uses fractional irradiation and the delivered energy is focused on the epi­dermis and upper dermis while leaving the stratum corneum intact, minimizing the downtime. Pigments scattered in the basal layer are removed and the dermis is coagulated to bring tightening effect. The epidermis is ablated while leaving the skin surface undamaged, downtime is very short and a treatment is sufficient to remove various blemishes and faint pig­ments. Based on these mechanisms, simultaneous pigment removal, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening and rejuve­nation are possible with Lavieen.


    Lavieen Laser can have a wide range of application depending on the skill levels of the user. It can be combined with vari­ous other devices to maximize patient sat­isfaction. Lavieen has a promising future in the market for aesthetic dermatologic Laser.


    Article/Hong wongyu, M.D.(Director, Cheongna Human Dermatology, Incheon, Korea)

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