• [Case Report] Dr. Hur Hoon’s Golden Parameter Therapy IV


    Hur Hoon, M.D., Ph.D.

    Choice Dermatology Clinic, Pyeongchon, Korea


    Figure1.A solitarycafé au lait spot on the right buccalarea(before treatment:10/19/2012).



    Figure2.A complete clearance of café au laitspot(after treatment with Golden Parameter:12/19/2012).



    Figure3. There is no recurrence at 18 months follow-up(6/5/2014).



    Figure4.Partial unilateral lentiginosis on the left periorbital area and left maxillary area(before treatment).


    Figure5.A complete clearance of partial unilateral lentiginosis(after treatment with Golden Parameter).


    Figure6.Partial unilateral lentiginosis on the left antecubital area(before treatment).


    Figure7. A complete clearance of partial unilateral lentiginosis on the left antecubitalarea(after treatment with Golden Parameter).



    Figure8.Becker’s nevus on the left thigh(before treatment).


    Figure9. A complete clearance of Becker’s nevus(after treatment with Golden Parameter).




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    -The End-

    Hur Hoon, M.D., Ph.D.

    Choice Dermatology Clinic, Pyeongchon, Korea





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