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    The merits that you have identified as a user


    FCR is made up only of natural ingredients. The greatest advantage is that you can avoid adverse effects, such as allergy, like in other medicines. Since hospitals use various products and cosmetics, they should be used with caution for adverse effects and strictly managed.


    FCR should also be used with caution. However, as it is manufactured with relatively safe ingredients than other products, it can be used without great burden. Another advantage of FCR is that excellent effects can be achieved with only single treatment. Of course, if you undergo the procedure repetitively, your skin will be clearer and healthier.


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    What are the precautions for FCR treatment


    Skin flare may occur after FCR treatment. The symptom lasts 2 to 3 days, and the positive effect on the skin is evident after about one week. However, during this period, the skin tone may be down, or the makeup may not be properly absorbed and may be floating.


    As FCR uses only natural ingredients, I think there are few adverse effects when compared with other products. In Japan, it is recommended to receive FCR treatment about once a month, and you can increase the effect by receiving additional FOxC Peel in the meantime. Compared to FCR, FOxC Peel is a relatively light peel, and FOxC Peel is also made up of natural ingredients, so it has no adverse effects and little downtime.



    [Acne scar was worried about, but it was not conspicuous every time it was repeated. Unevenness is also noticeable and the clarity of the skin has com out.]


    What should be supplemented for FCR and FOxC Peel


    As a result of using FCR, I think it is a very good product. Because it is made up of natural ingredients, I want to give a very high score in terms of safety. However, the FOxC Peel has disadvantages that it has low instant efficacy and shows the effect through repeated treatment, but it is a good product that can be recommended to patients if it is used with other treatments considering the advantage that there is little downtime.


    Is communication with the company seamless


    I regularly communicate with the bio-beauty personnel. I am receiving new product guides and updates of FCR-related materials, and I receive and send various information and suggestions for the procedure or treatment after the procedure.


    The company also recommends home care products that are useful to patients. For patients who have limited access to home care product information, various suggestions from hospitals can be a great help in ongoing skin care.



    [It has been whitened as a whole, and melasma has become inconspicuous. The texture of the skin has been transformed into a healthy skin with clarity.]


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