• [Exhibition Information]Major corporate participants in KIMES 2016


    KIMES to be held March 17, 2016 at COEX



    The thirty-second Korea International Medical Equipment Show (KIMES 2016) will be held for four days from this March 17 at COEX in Seoul.


    A large number of medical equipment manufacturers around the world will attend this event including 548 companies from Korea, 107 from the US, 139 from China, 75 from Germany, 64 from Japan, 43 from Taiwan, 25 from Switzerland, and 19 from Italy, etc. A total of 1, 152 companies from around the world will participate in this event under the banner of 'Leading Technology, Better Healthcare.'


    The organizer is expecting over 75,000 domestic visitors, 3,300 buyers from around 80 countries, and surgical consultation value of over USD 550 million.


    Korea E & EX, the organizer, expressed that they “have been preparing to increase the quality, rather than the size of the event" and that they will “establish selection criteria for participating entities for future events as the size of the venue is limited.”


    Major corporate participants



    A new acne treatment developed by a dermatologist

    It can be used in acne, syringoma, under-eye fat and wrinkles with excellent outcome.


    [BOMTECH Electronics Co., Ltd.]

    BOMTECH Electronics is working toward becoming a digital leader of innovative products and services that improve the quality of life.

    BOMTECH Electronics exports high-quality and reasonably priced products to over 70 countries around the world.

    Products include skin and scalp diagnosis system, aesthetic devices, tattoo device, as well as OEM & ODM, etc. It is increasing the global market share with various products that fit the needs of buyers across the world.


    [Grand Aespio Inc.]

    Established in 1988, Grand Aespio exports aesthetic and medical products to around the world.

    Anti-aging products include suture materials for face lift (PDO), acne treatment device, and cosmetic products, etc.


    [GTG Wellness Co., Ltd.]

    Over the last 17 years, GTG Wellness has produced and established a strong distribution network in aesthetic dermatology, obesity treatment and anti-aging treatments in Korea. It plans to continue developing innovative products, strengthen production and distribution to become the world’s leader in the field.

    GTG Wellness has successfully added a stem cell line to their aesthetic medicine products and offers combination programs of stem cell technology and device therapy. It also specializes in anti-aging and intractable disease treatments.

    GTG Wellness will continue to develop innovative medical devices, cosmetic products that boast stem cell technology, and strengthen distribution network and profit model in collaboration with franchise medical practices. 


    [LASEROPTEK Co., Ltd.]

    LASEROPTEK (http://www.laseroptek.com) is a leader in the medical laser technology and continues to introduce state-of-the-art laser technology in the global market. Based on its extensive R&D, LASEROPTEK produces a wide range of laser devices that are used in medicine as well as various industries. It was established in 2000 by a researcher of Korea Institute of Science and Technology as a venture. With highly skilled workforce, LASEROPTEK is able to provide laser products that are customized to each customer’s needs.


    [N.Finders Co., Ltd.]

    N.Finders is a young company that boasts original technology and services in the field of regenerative medicine in Korea. It is working toward increasing its dominance in this rapidly growing field and seeks to develop new items in collaboration with leading experts.  

    It launched the "RE:" brand based on innovative theory in regenerative medicine. RE: PRP, RE: Threadle (PDO Suture + Needle) is the world’s first patented suture material indicated for dermatologic procedures as well as hair removal, obesity and pain remedy, etc. Its efficacy has been proven in clinical research.  


    [WONTECH Co., Ltd.]

    WONTECH, established in 1998, is a leader in medical laser systems in Korea. It offers two main categories of products; the aesthetic system and surgical system, as well as a wide range of medical products.

    WONTECH puts customers first and will continue working toward providing precise, reliable and effective medical products to medical specialists around the world with its unique and innovative technology.

    Wontech will continue to be a driver of technological improvement in the area of medical equipment and contribute toward better life and happiness of the human race with leading technology.


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