• #6-3. A Case of Treatment for a Side Effect of Facial Liposuction



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    Additionally, facial dimpling occurred the next day of the procedure.


    The relative surgeon said that such conditions would be better if she waits, but dimpling was not improved afterward and remained even one year later.


    Thus, she decided to receive a reconstructive surgery.


    Although skin dimpling may be naturally improved between three and six months after a liposuction, it is likely to remain permanently in most cases, if not improved even six months later.



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    The ultrasonic diagnosis indicated that a fat layer was almost not present due to excessive fat sucking and there were adhesions by the fibrotic tissue between skin and muscle fascia after the liposuction.


    Thus, the therapeutic methods involved fat extraction, stem cell injection directly into the fibrotic tissue, adhesiolysis, and injection of both stem cells and purified fat into the dimpled areas.


    Two weeks before the procedure, 20cc of physiological saline, with which steroid (triamcinolone) was diluted at the rate of 1:200, was injected into the cheeks.


    Following ultrasound, 20cc of blood was taken, and 2cc of PRP was injected into the adherent areas.


    Then, 110cc of fat for stem cells were sucked from the thigh, and 20cc of fat was sucked out and purified to make a 10cc fat and then mixed with stem cells.


    The fat mixed with stem cells was transplanted into the dimpled areas, and stem cells were transplanted into the adherent areas using a 25G needle.



    Figure 1. Triamcinolone.



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