• #13-1. Non-ablative Fractional Lasers



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    Non-ablative fractional lasers use wavelengths of 1550nm, 1927nm, 1410nm, 1064nm, 755nm, 694nm and 532nm.


    Non-ablative fractional lasers at wavelengths of 1550nm, 1927nm, 1410nm and 1064nm target water as a chromophore like ablative fractional lasers.


    Non-ablative fractional lasers at 1064nm, 755nm, 694nm, and 532nm target melanin as a chromophore (Figure 1).



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    As described in the previous issue, non-ablative fractional lasers intended for improvement in scars, pores, skin elasticity, wrinkles, skin texture, melasma, blemishes, etc. generally means 1550nm and 1927nm wavelength lasers.


    In recent years, due to the advantages and usability of fractional beams, even fractional lasers at 1064nm, 755nm, 694nm, and 532nm, which mainly target melanin as a chromophore, have been used frequently for the purpose of improvement in skin color, tone and texture, pigment removal, melasma treatment, etc.



    Figure 1. Absorption coefficients of melanin, hemoglobin, water. 




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