• #7-1. CO2 Laser

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    Purposes of CO2 Laser

    CO2 laser is viewed as one of main lasers widely used even if it is not related to cosmetic medicine. It is one of ablative lasers that use water as a chromophore and shows its effect through the action of vaporizing tissues. Therefore, CO2 laser is available for any purpose of removing tissues without considering selectivity for lesions, i.e., chromophores.


    For example, CO2 laser, in the aspect of surgical treatments, is used to make an incision during surgery or to control bleeding at the incision site. In terms of medical treatments covered by insurance, CO2 laser is usually used to remove warts, pointed warts, corns, fibromas, pyogenic granuloma, etc. or to create an entrance before eliminating the sebum of epidermal cyst from the body or draining pus from an abscess.


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    From the cosmetic perspective, the scope of application is wider. CO2 laser is highly effective in removing moles, liver spots, freckles, lentigines, skin tags, flat warts, sebaceous hyperplasia, syriongoma, milia, trichofolliculoma, trichoepithelioma, steatocystoma multiplex, etc.


    Its great effectiveness is also shown in improving pores, scars, wrinkles, skin elasticity, skin texture, skin color, skin tone, etc. In addition, it is also used to improve vaginal atrophy, eliminate telangiectasis, remove tattoos, and engage in laser peeling.


    Figure 1. Focusing Technique & Defocusing Technique.


    Continuous Wave and Pulsed Wave of Laser

    CO2 laser can be divided into continuous wave mode and pulsed wave mode depending on type of laser beam oscillation. Continuous wave produces a continuous CO2 laser beam with a stable output power and is mainly used for tissue dissection. However, its continuous generation of an uninterrupted laser beam provides heat damage to surrounding tissues, thus resulting in post-procedural complications.


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