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    About 50 to 100 normal hairs in 'catagen stage' are lost per day.


    Hair growth is most active between the ages of 15 and 30, and gradually declines from the age of 40-50. At the age of 50 or older, natural hair loss begins due to aging, and the hair loss symptoms accelerate after the age of 70.


    The hair grows 0.35-0.4mm per day and grows 1-1.5cm per month.


    Usually, hair growth is most active in spring and early summer. In the fall, a lot of hair makes transition to the telogen stage and the hair loss increases.


    Although women's hair grows a little bit faster than men's hair, the speed at which hair grows depends on the individual's nutritional condition, body parts, race, age, temperature, etc.



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    In alopecia patients, the number of hair in the telogen stage is increasing because anagen stage is shortened and telogen stage is extended.


    Hair loss cytokine therapy(growth factor, stem cell culture, PRP, PDRN/PN) is a treatment intended to restore the balance of cytokines in the cell so as to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair cell growth, thus promoting the hair growth.



    Figure 1. Treatment of frontal androgenetic alopecia (TAL TAL Camp no. 21).



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