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    Reasons for Female Pattern Hair Loss


    Female pattern baldness shows lower levels of hair loss than male pattern baldness.


    Although the hairline on the forehead is relatively well maintained, hair is severely lost from the parietal region of the head.


    In general, the Ludwig scale is used to classify female pattern hair loss. 



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    In most cases, female pattern hair loss is caused by the effects of DHT, the secondary metabolite of a male hormone, as seen in men.


    However, female pattern hair loss is extremely unlikely to be advanced into a complete bald head.


    Instead, the hairline on the forehead remains, but hair on the crown of the head and the parting becomes fine and thin.


    In other words, a lot of hair just falls out, resulting in sparse hair.


    While male pattern baldness is characterized by thick hair turning into fine hair followed by hair loss, female pattern baldness does not go further beyond the stage of thinning hair any longer.


    This is because women have a larger amount of the female hormone estrogen than the hair loss-causing male hormone.


    The frontal tissue of women has so high activity of aromatase, predominant in women, that this aromatase helps to relatively well inhibit DHT. 



    Figure 4. Ludwig Scale.



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